CatEye launches new light technologies

Published August 7, 2012

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN) Tuesday August 7 2012 3:23 PM MT—CatEye is introducing some new light technology ahead of this fall's trade shows. The company is offering new lights that combine steady state with flashing LEDs. Another new feature provides nearly 360-degree visibility and a third new feature turns the light on and off automatically.

CatEye, which went dealer direct in the U.S. last year, also is offering new programs that the company said includes margins up to 60 percent, free freight and extended dating options.

The company's new Nano Shot Plus (Shown above, MSRP: $120) is CatEye's first product to includes its "Hyper-Constant" feature, which has LEDs that maintain a solid beam while simultaneously flashing. The light has a 600 lumen output with two LEDs.

CatEye also has two new models with its "Omni Directional Technology." Prisms in the lens directs light through the sides as well as the front of the light, making the light visible from a wide angle. The Omni 5 has five LEDS and is available in front ($17) and rear ($15). The Omni 3 has three LEDS; front is $12, rear is $10.

Finally, CatEye has three models with a feature that automatically turns the light on when motion and darkness are detected. The light turns off when not in use for 45 seconds.

CatEye lights with Auto technology include Reflex Auto (front $33 and rear $30), Jido headlight ($30) and Blitz Auto taillight ($25).

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