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XLAB releases toptube bag for angled stems

Published January 7, 2014
Stealth Pocket 500

ESCONDIDO, CA (BRAIN) XLAB has a new toptube storage bag for bikes with angled stems or with cables entering the toptube.

The Stealth Pocket 500 addresses the expanding trend of toptube bosses on new bikes, according to the company. The bag was designed and shaped to improve front-end aerodynamics.

“Our previous line of toptube storage bags had two models with toptube mount capabilities that are ideal if riders mount a bag right up against the stem,” said Candice Turner, marketing director and COO of XLAB. “Lately, we noticed a trend of superbikes with angled, integrated stems along with midrange bikes with cables entering the toptube, but with new toptube bolts. A bag that has a vertical front blocks some of the air coming from the front end and creates a turbulent air pocket resulting in drag. We needed to create a rounded front, which would redirect the air cleanly over the bag and eradicate that air pocket.”

The Stealth Pocket 500 comes with 1-millimeter insulated sides and a stiffener insert so the bag maintains its aero shape. It weighs 2.7 ounces (76 grams).

According to XLAB, the bag comfortably fits six standard-size gel packets, and also is long enough to fit energy bars.

It retails for $38 and comes with mounting hardware and installation instructions.

More info: XLAB


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