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Chrome waterproof bag system uses RF welding technology

Published February 18, 2014
The Chrome Front Rack Duffle

SAN FRANCISCO (BRAIN) — Chrome Industries introduces its new line of Knurled Welded Waterproof Rolltop bags for bike camping, adventure cycling and all-weather commuting. They're made with a proprietary technology that combines RF welding with a mechanical interlock to be durable, lightweight and 100 percent waterproof, with a watertight rolltop closure and a loop system for bag expansion.

The line includes the 20-liter Saddle Bag Rolltop 20 (MSRP: $160) and 40-liter Front Rack Duffle 40 ($100). Both are designed to leave the hardware on the bike for easier carrying.

Two backpacks are also offered: the 18-liter Urban EX Rolltop 18 ($120) and 37-liter Excursion Rolltop 37 ($160).

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