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Selling Cycling 2011 Demo Targets Youth

Published September 28, 2010

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN)—The new NBDA/Growth Cycle partnership that’s producing an all-new two hours of Selling Cycling staff training content for 2011 has solved a dilemma.

“As the program has evolved over 15 years, it’s become more polished and professional,” said Ray Keener, Growth Cycle president. “We had some concerns that, while the 50-something store owners like it that way, we were losing touch with the 20-something staffers.”

So Growth Cycle and the NBDA collaborated on a new-style three-minute demo using a story-based format, looser presentation and Flash animation for a younger appeal. Here’s the link:

“Everyone we showed it to at Interbike was enthusiastically supportive,” Keener said. “So we’re forging ahead with the new style and looking forward to delivering the new content January 1.”

The ten Selling Cycling 2011 topics, as chosen by a poll of retailers earlier this summer are:

1. Customer Service Training
2. Sales Process Training
3. Selling Accessories
4. Advanced Closing Techniques
5. Price Objections
6. Service Writing
7. Sending Out New Bikes
8. Sales-Floor Bike Fit
9. Store Branding Training
10. Selling Soft Goods

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