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  1. The Bike Cooperative Launches Promotion

    MANCHESTER, NH (BRAIN)—Based on dealer feedback that many are still concerned about their inventory levels, The Bike Cooperative (TBC) has launched an aggressive promotion that will provide members with an opportunity to reduce inventory, increase their average sale, and send emails to their customers, all ...

    Posted August 7, 2009 in North America

  2. Quote of the Day

    "Got two reasons why I cry away each lonely night, The first one's named sweet Anne Marie, and she's my heart's delight. The second one is prison, babe, the sheriff's on my trail, And if he catches up with me, I'll spend my life in jail." —Jerry Garcia ...

    Posted October 16, 2007 in North America

  3. Quote of the Day

    "Important announcement: Some hunters have been seen in the woods near Piney Ridge trail and the fish and game commission has raised the legal kill limit on campers to three. So, if you're hiking today, please wear something bright and keep low." —Tripper Harrison from ...

    Posted October 16, 2007 in North America

  4. The Unguarded Moment

    provided the impetus and design initiative for Shimano’s groundbreaking, mountain bike-specific Deore ...

    Posted May 11, 2011 in Opinion/Analysis

  5. Parks Closed As Land Managers Assess Damage

    back in; one: the burned area now becomes one huge trail, where bikers and hikers can go off in any direction. “This is a big problem for land managers who may be struggling to keep trail users on designated trails,” he said. The public’s safety also has to be considered. “Bicyclists tend ...

    Posted December 3, 2007 in Industry News

  6. Hayes Launches New Marketing Campaign

    unsuspecting riders bikes, remove the existing component spec and then re-spec with all Hayes Bicycle Group ...

    Posted April 1, 2011 in North America

  7. Retailer Throws Hat into Political Ring

    seminars on financial management and bike store operation for the association at Interbike. (PHOTO: ...

    Posted March 29, 2011 in North America

  8. The 5th Spot

    "I'm not on vacation. I'm not out for a weekend. This is where I live. When you do that, all the other trappings of life fade away." —George "Billy Goat" Woodard, who calls the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail home for six months out of the year. ...

    Posted June 25, 2008 in North America

  9. Frostbike Fills in Record Time

    an opportunity to demo 2012 offerings from QBP’s bike brands. ...

    Posted February 7, 2011 in North America

  10. SBS, KHS Distributing Softride Bike Racks

    smaller quantities of racks on a regular basis with their other bike part orders. ...

    Posted July 31, 2009 in North America