Posted October 15, 2019

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (BRAIN) — Wheels, a startup electric bike share company, has raised $50 millionin an investment round led by DBL Partners. DBL's founder, Ira Ehrenpreis, was an early investor in Tesla and is on the electric car company's board.

Posted August 2, 2019
Vandalism is being investigated as a cause for two Lyft e-bikes igniting.

SAN FRANCISCO (BRAIN) — Bike-share company Lyft said Friday vandalism has not been ruled out as the cause for two Bay Wheels e-bikes catching fire in the past week and sidelining the entire fleet.

Posted August 2, 2019

CHICAGO (BRAIN) — Share-bike company Social Bicycles — now known as JUMP and owned by Uber — filed a $75,000 lawsuit against the city of Chicago on Friday, alleging it improperly granted its primary competitor exclusive rights to operate.

Posted August 1, 2019
This Lyft e-bike caught fire Saturday. Photo courtesy Zach Rutta.

SAN FRANCISCO (BRAIN) — Lyft's share-bike division in the San Francisco Bay Area has removed its e-bikes from service after two caught fire within the past week. The first Bay Wheels e-bike ignited Saturday and the other on Wednesday, when Lyft removed the fleet. The battery appears to be the source. Nobody was injured.

Posted July 22, 2019

NEW YORK (BRAIN) — While its revamped Citi Bike e-bike model won’t be out until the fall, bike-share company Lyft last month began unveiling a new model in California that it says addresses brake complaints that sidelined its e-bike fleet.

Posted June 5, 2019

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (BRAIN) — Bird, which operates e-scooter share programs in more than 100 cities, has announced a new option being rolled out for tests in some markets: a two-seated electric bike called the Bird Cruiser.

Posted May 23, 2019

NEW YORK (BRAIN) — Citi Bike pedal bikes now will be available through the ride-sharing Lyft app. Previously, Lyft bike-sharing users needed a Citi Bike account to locate and rent.

Posted April 26, 2019

NEW YORK (BRAIN) — Uber's upcoming IPO will likely start out with shares being offered at $44 to $50, which would raise $8 billion to $10 billion and value the ride-hailing company at $80 billion to $90 billion, according a report by Bloomberg.

Posted April 17, 2019

IRVINE, Calif. (BRAIN) — Shimano says manufacturers apparently didn’t follow its requirements when spec’ing front brakes on some electric share bikes, possibly causing problems that led to Lyft and Uber pulling the bikes from service.

Posted January 15, 2019
(BRAIN) — "Mobility" is a common buzzword in the tech and transportation industries, and in the European bike industry. In the U.S. bike industry? Not so much.
Posted January 9, 2019

SHANGHAI (BRAIN) — Multiple Asian news sites are reporting that bike share giant Ofo has dissolved its overseas business unit, retreating from operating in the U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore and France.

Posted December 23, 2018

BEIJING (BRAIN) — Ofo, the world's largest and best known dockless bike share operator, is struggling financially, in part due to demands for deposit refunds from customers in markets where Ofo has stopped operating.

Posted November 30, 2018

NEW YORK (BRAIN) — Ride share company Lyft has completed its purchase of Motivate, the country's largest bike share company. The purchase was originally announced in July. 


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