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Marketing Coordinator - Niner Bikes

The Marketing Coordinator is responsible for a spectrum of tasks ranging from social media and web store management to bicycle assembly and event marketing.

• Execute Niner social media marketing as guided by Marketing manager
• Assist with Niner web store content, order management, and site administration
• Oversee Niner event marketing, including establishment of work standards, safety standards, and best practices
• Facilitate all tools, training, collateral, and equipment needed for event marketing to be effective in the field
• Assemble and maintain all bicycles used for marketing, including demo bikes, athlete bikes, or media test bikes as needed
• Maintain and track inventory of all field marketing supplies and equipment, including vehicles, trailers, bicycles, components, and event supplies such as tents, banners, and product displays.
• Assist with strategic planning for sponsored athlete and marketing event contracts.
• Oversee and facilitate the equipment needs of sponsored athletes, ambassadors and event partners.
• Support all aspects of the planning and execution of marketing events.


• Microsoft Office/Google G-Suite applications
• Familiarity with ERP software
• Proficient with social media platforms
• Familiarity with Shopify webstore management
• Familiarity with digital asset management systems
• Advanced level bicycle mechanic