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Selle Royal Group restructures sales and marketing functions

Published September 1, 2016

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany (BRAIN) — Selle Royal Group has kept sales and marketing for its Fizik, Brooks, Crankbrothers and Selle Royal brands separate in an effort to not create confusion in the market. But now the Italian company is looking to begin integrating certain functions.


As part of a restructure, Selle Royal Group has created two new roles, VP of sales and marketing for all four brands for Europe and Asia, a position filled by Nicolo Mannoni, and VP of sales and marketing for all four brands for the Americas, handled by Gaspare Licata, who retains the title of CEO of Crankbrothers. These two positions will report to Nicola Rosin, CEO of Selle Royal Group.

Licata said that as part of these changes, Selle Royal Group is creating two internal clusters: Fizik and Crankbrothers will now be grouped together for sales; Selle Royal and Brooks will form the second cluster.

“We decided for the aftermarket, not to sell all the brands under one manager, but rather to separate by cluster,” said Licata, during a meeting at Eurobike this week. “At a business to business level, we need to create synergies, but be specific to the audience we’re talking to.

“This isn’t about saving costs but about getting to better know each market,” he added. “We have people traveling across the world and spending a lot of time on the plane. We need people to stay in their market and understand and learn and implement the best strategy for the brands they’re responsible for.”

Product development and marketing will still be driven by each individual brand. So the product and marketing strategy for Fizik, for example, will continue to be made by Fizik, and the same goes for Brooks, Crankbrothers and Selle Royal. “From a product marketing point of view, we want to keep the strong authenticity we’ve had until now, so it will still be driven by the brands,” Licata said.

But Licata said that by grouping brands into these sales clusters, they hope to develop synergies and efficiencies and gain knowledge. “This reorganization is not going to affect product development or operations,” he added. “It’s a sales and marketing change.

“The goal is to combine sales for the two clusters and create synergy between the brands when they are needed and can be helpful for us or a potential partner,” he added.

Mannoni stressed that these changes will be felt at a business-to-business level and only affect aftermarket sales. OEM sales of the brands are handled separately.

He said they’ve started to discuss the new sales clusters and structure with partners here at Eurobike.

“This reorganization started in July internally, but now is the right moment to communicate it and spread the message to the industry,” he said.

Selle Royal Group will be putting a greater emphasis on creating a stronger corporate image, while maintaining specific strategies on product and marketing for each of its individual brands, they said.

Gaspare Licata (left) and Nicolo Mannoni
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