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Abus aims to deter bike thieves with new alarm lock

Published August 31, 2017

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany (BRAIN) — Even over the noise of a big and busy show, it was hard to ignore the telltale sound of a car alarm. Coming from an e-bike locked to a lamppost in Abus' booth, the alarm was loud enough to make you look over to see what was going on.

And this is the German lock maker's hope. With its newest Bordo folding lock model, Abus aims to make sneaky bike thieves heard and deterred.

“We have had an alarm in our motorbike locks for about 10 years now,” said Christian Sommer, international marketing and PR manager for Abus. “We wanted to add that technology to bike locks to increase the security.”

The battery-operated Bordo Alarm 6000A has a 3-D movement sensor that senses vibrations and small movements, triggering a pre-alarm series of beeps. Larger movements set off a 100-decibel alarm that lasts for 20 seconds. The alarm remains active and further movements will continue to trigger it.

Like all Abus Bordo locks, the Bordo Alarm folds and stows in its own holster on the bike. Its hinge design allows the lock to collapse like a folding ruler. The lock's 5-millimeter-thick rods are made from a hardened steel with a soft coating to prevent damage to the bicycle's frame.

The Bordo Alarm will be available in black and white, retailing for 160 euros starting in December. U.S. pricing has not yet been set. 

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