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LeMond offers power upgrade to Revolution trainer

Published January 24, 2014

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (BRAIN) — LeMond is now offering an optioanal wireless power meter attachment for its LeMond Revolution stationary trainers. The $249 WattBox calculates wattage based on the trainer's wind resistance unit, taking into account air temperature, humidity and altitude to get an accurate reading based on the amount of air moved by the resistance unit's fan.

The WattBox connects to smartphone apps and bike computer head units via the ANT+ wireless system.

"Now anyone with a LeMond Revolution trainer can effectively gauge their output," said company founder Greg LeMond. "Research in cycling performance always brings us back to the most critical reading, which is wattage," LeMond said. "Knowing this number and working with it opens the door to knowledge and improved riding. By creating the WattBox, we are putting the processor in the WattBox unit, which allows any software update in the future or a small hardware change."

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