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Soleus launches fitness tracker

Published January 29, 2014

AUSTIN, Texas (BRAIN) — Soleus, a sports watch and GPS device brand, is now offering a fitness tracking wristband. Soleus introduced a GPS bike computer last year. 

The Soleus GO! tracks daily activities and sleep, and also syncs with smartphones to show incoming messages and phone calls on its OLED display. It includes a mobile app that logs activity and syncs with the phone.

The Soleus GO! counts steps taken and calories burned. It also allows users to set a vibration alert to notify them that they need to move after a certain amount of time. In Exercise Mode, the device tracks speed, distance and pace.

"At Soleus, we started the company around meeting the needs of the athlete with quality performance and style at an affordable cost," said David Arnold, founder and CEO of Soleus. "Our core values are attributed to supplying athletes the most advanced tools they need to achieve their goals. At the same time, we want to help people everywhere enhance their life with activity. We spent a lot of time and research to develop the most comprehensive activity tracker that monitors and records the most important aspects of daily life while incorporating the wearable technology features for everyone on the go."

Soleus is now taking pre-orders at The official nationwide launch will be Feb. 10.

MSRP is $129.00 and includes Soleus GO! band, USB charging cable, and the mobile app.


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