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Mavic introduces easy to install UST road tubeless

Published June 21, 2017

OGDEN, Utah (BRAIN) — Mavic is launching its Universal System Tubeless (UST) rim and tire system. The company said the system has a rim contour that follows exacting dimensions to achieve beadlock and the ability to run flat, in addition to providing consistent tire inflation.

Combined with the Yksion Pro UST tire, the system ensures tight control of production tolerances and a 100 percent match of rim and tire. Helping ease the tire installation and removal process is the use of a Kevlar tire bead that is more pliable than the standard carbon bead of other tubeless tires on the market, according to Mavic. This allows for a tool-free process that can be inflated by a standard floor pump.

The new Mavic Road UST category will include both carbon and aluminum models of Comete, Cosmic, Ksyrium, and Allroad lines.

Mavic said that the benefits of its UST system include:

-Optimal rim diameter along with a precise tire bead diameter and stiffness/stretch. This ensures hassle-free installation/maintenance when using UST-approved products.

-Perfect union between tire and wheel, ensuring easy installation and removal.

-UST system (including sealant) is 40 grams lighter than a traditional tire and tube system.

-No tube means no friction with the tire resulting in a faster rolling system. At equal pressure, removing the tube lowers rolling resistance by 15 percent. With 15 PSI removed, the tubeless tire still rolls 5 percent faster than the tube-type set up.

Mavic’s new Yksion Pro UST tire features a new, exclusive rubber compound to achieve a balance of grip and low rolling resistance. Kevlar beads are more pliable than the smaller diameter and stiffer carbon beads of other road tubeless tires, allowing for a much more user-friendly experience, the company said. The tire is available in 25c and 28c widths.

The UST line of rims includes:

Comete Pro Carbon SL Disc–$1899, 1755 grams (available Q3)

Comete Pro Carbon SL–$1799, 1635 grams (available Q3)

Cosmic Pro Carbon SL Disc–$1899, 1570 grams (available Q3)

Cosmic Pro Carbon SL–$1799, 1450 grams (available Q3)

Cosmic Elite Disc–$499, 1770 grams (July availability)

Cosmic Elite–$449, 1850 grams (July availability)

Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL Disc– $1899, 1510 grams (available Q3)

Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL– $1799, 1390 grams (available Q3)

Ksyrium Pro Disc–$1099, 1620 grams (July availability)

Ksyrium Pro–$999, 1420 grams (July availability)

Ksyrium Elite Disc–$799, 1690 grams (July availability)

Ksyrium Elite–$699, 1520 grams (July availability)

Allroad Pro Disc–$1099, 1660 grams (available Q3)

Allroad Elite Disc–$799, 1720 grams (available Q3)

Allroad Elite RB (rim brake)–$799, 1600 grams (available Q3)

Open Pro Disc–$99, 420 grams (available Q3)

Open Pro–$99, 420 grams (available Q3)

Yksion Pro UST (tire)–$69, 260 grams

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