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Interbike launches press event for e-bikes

Published December 17, 2012

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA (BRAIN) – The organizers of Interbike are hosting electric bike manufacturers and journalists at an event that will showcase pedal-assist bikes. The Electric Bike Media Event is set for February 12-13 at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, an affluent beachside community south of Los Angeles.


“It’s no secret that electric bike sales are exploding in Europe and Asia and are creating both a new revenue stream and a different, unique consumer for bicycle retailers,” said Pat Hus, Interbike’s managing director, adding that in the U.S. it’s been a slower trend because consumers aren’t aware of the product.

“We felt that the timing was right to create this initiative and ultimately raise the awareness of the electric movement,” Hus said.

Hus hopes to draw up to 15 e-bike brands and sponsors. These companies will have the opportunity to introduce their products and technologies to consumer media and have them test ride their bikes on scenic coastal roads. So far SRAM, Prodeco, Easy Motion USA, Currie Technologies and Bikes Belong have signed on and Hus said several others are interested.

Hus has hired a PR firm in Beverly Hills to invite and draw in writers from endemic and non-endemic media and national as well as regional publications.

Speakers will include Bill Moore, editor-in-chief of, who will provide global market data and an overview of the e-bike market and technologies, and Bruno Maier from Bikes Belong who will talk about the growth in bike facilities and the role e-bikes bikes play in getting more people on bikes. Also supporting the event is the Light Electric Vehicle Association.

Local retailers are invited to take part after 2 p.m. and are encouraged to register.

Bicycle Retailer and Industry News is a supporting sponsor and will produce a special e-bike supplement with an event recap, photo pages and articles on what retailers should know about selling and servicing e-bikes. “I firmly believe there’s a place for electric bikes within the IBDs of North America, and we have to make every effort to educate them on the segment,” said publisher Marc Sani.

Currie Technologies president Larry Pizzi applauded Interbike’s decision to launch the event.

“We have to be proactive in educating the public on the benefits of electric bike technology,” he said. “There’s a misnomer that electric bikes are like scooters or mopeds, but these machines are bikes first and foremost that give an assist when the pedaler needs it most. We need to change this perception and this event is the perfect platform.”

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