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Leisure Trends: Sales down for third straight month

Published June 4, 2013

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN) — Retail sales in April were down for a third consecutive month at independent bike shops, according to Leisure Trends’ RetailTrak IBD sales summary. Salesbicycles and related parts and accessoriestotaled $360 million for the month, a 7 percent drop from April 2012.

For the four months through April, sales also dipped 11 percent, coming in at $907 million or $114 million lower than the same period last year.

Sales of complete bicycles fell 6 percent from April 2012, totaling $200 million. The sport/performance category accounted for $62 million of that total, but was down 6 percent. This loss came almost entirely from aluminum models, with composite road bike sales holding steady at $41 million. Sales of transit/fitness and lifestyle/leisure bikes were flat for the month.

On the mountain bike side, the 29er market share continues to gain with an 8 percent increase in sales in April. Smaller wheels saw smaller sales, with 26-inch-wheeled bikes declining 29 percent. As a whole, the mountain category fell 11 percent in April.

Apparel, helmets and shoe sales also dropped 11 percent from this time last year. Except for a few 29er-specific items, aftermarket parts declined 8 percent, and aftermarket accessories also posted losses in almost every category.

April 2013 vs. April 2012

Dollar Sales

                All Bicycles: -6%

                Road Bikes: -6%

                Mountain Bikes: -11%

                Transit/Fitness Bikes: FLAT

                Lifestyle/Leisure Bikes: FLAT

                Shoes: -10%

                Apparel: -15%

                Aftermarket Parts: -8%

                Aftermarket Accessories: -8%


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