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Specialized adds SmartEtailing’s Supplier Sync service

Published December 11, 2015

CAMARILLO, Calif. (BRAIN) — Specialized Bicycle Components has joined SmartEtailing’s Supplier Sync program. Specialized retailers can now blend their in-store inventory with real-time availability of Specialized products on their websites.

“At Specialized, we’re committed to providing greater support and resources to our retailers,” said Bill Schouman, director of market development for Specialized. “The Supplier Sync technology allows us to leverage our entire supply chain so that more of our products gain maximum exposure to our riders through the individual retailers’ websites.”

SmartEtailing launched Supplier Sync in 2012 to meet the consumer’s desire to shop through a mix of in-store and digital channels known as “omnichannel” convenience.

“Omnichannel retail only truly exists when presented by retailers who are investing to create this experience for the riders in their markets and when they’re supported by leading brands such as Specialized,” said Mark Graff, SmartEtailing co-founder. “Brands, on their own, fall short of delivering a genuine omnichannel solution because they lack the local relationships great retailers deliver on every day.”

Matthew Bigler-McCorkell, general manager of Bicycle Habitat in New York, said Supplier Sync has already made a difference in the store’s sales.

“Right off the bat we sold a bike and some aftermarket items that customers wouldn’t have normally seen on our website without the Supplier Sync service,” said Bigler-McCorkell, an early adopter of the new service.

“Customers are more willing to purchase with us, buying online and then picking up in the store because Supplier Sync makes it easy for them to see what’s available including a size, color or model we may happen to be out of when they’re ready to buy,” he added. “Thanks to Specialized and SmartEtailing, we’re giving our customers a better experience and we can already see it makes a positive difference for them.”

SmartEtailing currently has 22 U.S. suppliers enrolled in its Supplier Sync program who share their inventory on retailers websites from 36 warehouse feeds. It also works with six suppliers in Canada with seven warehouse feeds. 

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