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Kent International wins Wal-Mart award

Published February 19, 2016

PARSIPPANY, N.J. (BRAIN) — Wal-Mart has awarded Kent International its Supplier of the Year award at the company’s beginning-of-the-year meeting. Kent won the same award last year.


“For this award, we now have five SKUs that we are shipping to them now. They were also very impressed that we kept our promise to produce bicycles for their stores that could be assembled in approximately five minutes,” said Arnold Kamler, Kent’s chairman and CEO.

Kamler said Kent’s bike factory in Clarendon, South Carolina, is an important reason the company has won the award for two years running. For one, Kent’s U.S. production supports Wal-Mart’s Buy American Campaign, but the Clarendon-made bikes can also be delivered to Wal-Mart at a higher level of assembly than bikes made in China. 

“Wal-Mart has made it clear from day one that they will move $250 billion of purchases from imports to American-made or assembled products, but that these products need to make sense and be competitive,” Kamler said. “Since we are meeting this criteria with the bikes made in Clarendon, they are happy to buy as much from us as we can make there.”

Left to right: Anne Marie Kehoe, vice president of Walmart, Tiffany Blankenship, vice president of Kent, Arnold Kamler, chairman of Kent, Reid Thornton, senior buyer
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