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Accell North America to fulfill bike orders through Beeline Bikes

Published September 16, 2016
Company adds mobile vans as purchase and delivery option.

KENT, Wash. (BRAIN) — Accell North America is now working with mobile bike shop franchisee operator Beeline Bikes to fulfill consumer orders made on its website. Consumers now will be able to purchase a bike online and select and schedule Beeline Bikes as a fulfillment option and choose the exact time for an assembled bike to be delivered to their home or work. 

The transaction will be seamless thanks to software integration on ANA’s branded websites. Bikes will ship from the distribution center closest to the Beeline mobile van fulfilling the order. ANA owns Diamondback, Raleigh, Redline and Izip, and the program will launch with Raleigh bikes initially, but eventually be an option for all of the brands. 

Raleigh began selling online to consumers last spring. 

“Our goal is to open access to purchase all of our bikes by removing the barriers,” Larry Pizzi, senior vice president of Raleigh Bicycles, told BRAIN during a call Friday afternoon. “In a number of markets we don’t have distribution. That’s not acceptable to us. The goal is really to have a professionally built bike be able to be delivered to a consumer that is buying one in every market – be it fulfilled through click to brick model, IBD retailers or a service like Beeline.

“People are shopping and buying bikes online in significant numbers,” Pizzi added. “The consumer who wants to buy a bike in that fashion will do it. We want to make sure our brands are in the consideration set and not be excluded because we’re trying to be exclusive as an IBD brand.”

Beeline Bikes’ mobile vans will fulfill purchases made on ANA’s websites, but also have the ability to sell a bike to a customer they’re calling on for specific repairs. Beeline currently operates a fleet of 31 mobile bike shops across the U.S.

“We will have some demo bikes in the van for customers to try, but by and large, even today, the way we’ve done it, Raleigh has a great bike match tool on the website,” said Pete Small, VP of marketing and business operations, Beeline Bikes. “The pro mechanic who’s operating the shop can talk to customers about what they need, take them to the website, show options, size them up, take the order and five days or so later we’ll have a ready to ride bike at their door.”

Customers will pay a premium of $79.99 for the delivery at home option of a built bike purchased online.

Chris Speyer, CEO of Accell North America, said Beeline will be a critical part of ANA’s omnichannel strategy, along with the specialty dealer. “In combination with our e-commerce in-store pick up program, this additional fulfillment option signals an important shift in the industry and we are thrilled to be a partner,” he said.

Small said Beeline Bikes sells other niche bike brands, but that it will focus on Accell’s portfolio of brands moving forward as a “preferred partner.” “We want to train our operators on a constrained set of brands we really like and you can’t go too far and wide on that,” he said.

Small said to date, about 85 to 90 percent of Beeline’s total business is in bike service/repair and parts and accessories sales, with the remaining 10 to 15 percent made up of bike sales. But he believes with integration like this, product sales will grow to be a bigger part of overall revenue.

“This is the first direct integration with a brand and it opens doors for customers,” he said. “We think there’s a big hesitancy buying online without the ability to assemble a bike. There’s a 65 percent fallout rate when you buy a bike online and don’t have option to have assembled by a pro.”

Beeline Bikes recently began providing assembly service for purchases of bikes on Amazon, he added.

Beeline Bikes will be exhibiting next week at Interbike (Booth 27047), and the company will hold a franchisee meeting Tuesday for all of its operators to get together and share best practices as well as to roll out products and new services. 


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