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Former retailer launches second children’s book on Kickstarter

Published June 20, 2017

TETON VALLEY, Idaho (BRAIN) — The founders of Fitzgerald’s Bicycles, Scott and Jannine Fitzgerald, launched a second Kickstarter campaign to expand on their book “B is For Bicycles” and podcast series, which encourages kids to ride their bike.

The Fitzgeralds, former owners of Fitzgerald’s Bicycles, are launching their second illustrated, hardcover children’s book, “Buddy Pegs Taking the Lead.” It features the loveable animal characters from the Fitzgerald’s first illustrated children's book. The husband-and-wife team sold their store to Derrick and Liz Nobman in 2015.

With this project, Scott and Jannine are kicking off a series of books, and podcasts, aimed to inspire more family cycling participation and build awareness of the importance of local bike shops. 

“The bike industry has been talking about how to get more kids on bikes since we opened our bike shop in 2002. When we had our son, and watched him fall in love with characters like Thomas the Train and movies like Pixar’s Cars, it dawned on us that we need a main stream media ecosystem championing bikes to kids,” said Scott Fitzgerald, author of the upcoming book “Buddy Pegs Taking The Lead.”

More than 300 backers supported their first Kickstarter campaign, carrying them over their $15,000 goal. Since then, the book has been through four reprints thanks to national distribution through Quality Bicycle Products and Trek Bicycles. The book is also available through independent book stores, Amazon Prime and direct on

“We were blown away with the support from the bike industry in helping us bring ‘B Is For Bicycles’ to life,” said Jannine Fitzgerald. “But honestly, we really didn’t spend any time preparing for that first Kickstarter campaign other than writing the book. We’ve learned so much since then on how to run Kickstarter campaigns.” 

This time around, the Fitzgeralds have spent months asking the bicycle industry to support the launch of their second book, as well as their entire media company. Industry partners have committed to spreading the word about their Kickstarter campaign in the hopes of making an even bigger splash this time around including PeopleForBikes, National Interscholastic Cycling Association, Specialized Foundation and King Ridge Foundation. They’re also getting support from Quality Bicycle Products, Trek Bicycles, Cleary Bikes and Burley Design.

Special Kickstarter backer tiers have been built for bike shops interested in carrying the book.

The new book is the story about how the two main dogs originally decided to go about opening the bike shop. Through the guidance of a mentor (a Beagle who owns Fixies, the local hardware store), and all their other animal friends, Buddy Pegs celebrates its grand opening.

In 2002 Scott Fitzgerald opened Fitzgerald’s Bicycles in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, as a one-man repair shop. In 2015, he and his wife, Jannine, sold their shop so they could focus on their new start up Buddy Pegs.

The Fitzgeralds are joined by two other creative collaborators. Michael Clarida is a professionally trained illustrator with over 20 years of experience bringing children’s characters to life for Disney, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, and Marvel Studios. Bob Berky is a classically trained actor, writer and performer who has performed as a solo artist throughout the world. Berky has been an instrumental collaborator on the World of Buddy Pegs podcast series.



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