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Tout Terrain launches pedal-assist touring model at Eurobike

Published September 1, 2016
Panamericana Xplore

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany (BRAIN) — Electric assist has clear benefits to commuters or mountain bikers who want to make one more downhill run. But offering tourists a little electric assist seems wrong on many levels.

What tourist wants to be 60 miles into their day only to find their battery is running low? What tourist is going to cut down on pack weight just to extend battery life?

Yet Tout Terrain, the company known for building bikes capable of doing a round-the-world trip, or three, while extremely far off the grid, is offering its fully suspended Panamericana model in an electric-assist version.

“Depending on how much of their own power a rider exerts, we estimate the battery will last 80 to 100 kilometers. That's not enough range for a dedicated tourer, but for an older rider happy to go shorter distances, it works out well,” said Johannes Faulhaber, Tout Terrain's technical purchasing manager.

“And there are older tourists who are happy going 60 kilometers a day and have power at the hotel to recharge their battery packs. It's to these tourists this bike appeals to,” he added.

And it's not just the electric assist, the full-suspension design is the most comfortable in the Tout Terrain line, Faulhaber said. Add to the mix the quiet and low maintenance Gates carbon drive and again, for tourists looking for shorter days in the saddle, the bike makes a lot of sense.

Faulhaber said the bike's comfort makes it the go-to bike for any ride. “That rear suspension system is really comfortable and for many of us at Tout Terrain this is the bike we want to be riding around on,” he added.

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