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Web service allows retailers to price match Amazon

Published December 11, 2015

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (BRAIN) — A new web service called PriceLocal launched this week aimed at helping local retailers match Amazon Prime prices. The service works through a browser extension the customer downloads, then whenever they shop on Amazon, they are given the opportunity to ask a local retailer for a price match for the Prime price.

PriceLocal was founded by former Borders executive Matt Chosid, who saw first-hand the impact Amazon had on the bookseller and was inspired to offer retailers another option.

The company says it levels the playing field for local retailers so they can better compete with Amazon, and it gives consumers the ability to find what they want and pick it up the same day, avoiding same-day shipping charges. The service is free for consumers and local businesses.

“Amazon is a juggernaut that impacts the ability of local retailers of all sizes to compete, while consumers have the perception that shopping locally will be more expensive,” said Chosid. “PriceLocal is a win-win for shoppers and retailers. Shoppers can find and get something right away at a fair price while supporting the local economy. And local retailers can level the playing field with Amazon by turning local online traffic into increased sales and foot traffic.”

“By helping shoppers find the products they want at a local store willing to match the Amazon price, PriceLocal turns the corrosive 'showrooming' trend on its head and drives consumers back into local stores, where retailers can capitalize on their strengths — providing great service and putting products in shoppers’ hands today,” added Chosid.

Shoppers start their search at After installing PriceLocal for Chrome, Firefox or Safari on their desktop or laptop and finding a product on Amazon, users click the 'PriceLocal' button, sending a price match request to participating local stores.

If a local store has the item and is willing to match the Amazon price, shoppers get a coupon for the item at that price, which they can print out or show on their phone when they go to the store.

Retailers sign up at After signing up, PriceLocal retailers receive Amazon Prime price match requests from local shoppers, which they can turn into foot traffic with the PriceLocal mobile web app for retailers.

To avoid any confusion over comparing prices with and without shipping charges, PriceLocal works with Amazon Prime products only, where the shipping charge is free. Neither retailers nor shoppers need to be members of Amazon Prime to use PriceLocal.

After a successful pilot in Ann Arbor, Michigan, last year and expansion into Minneapolis, Charlotte and Austin last month, PriceLocal remains free for consumers and retailers nationwide.

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