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Cycling Sports Group launches new video and in-person training programs

Published August 21, 2017

WILTON, Conn. (BRAIN) — Dorel’s Cycling Sports Group has a new training and education arm, Cycling Prophet, which launched Selling Sessions — a new 13-video certificate series and in-person training program focused on techniques to help IBDs connect with riders and close the deal in their shops.


Selling Sessions in-person training will be offered this fall at CSG’s headquarters in Wilton, Connecticut.

“Our objective is to arm dealers with the tools they need to succeed in sales and management,” said Nick Hage, general manager, CSG, US. “This video series and in-person class will turn budding managers, sales superstars and veteran managers into sales and coaching leaders.”

Selling Sessions is a collaboration between Cycling Prophet and Sam Dantzler, an IBD Summit speaker and founder of Garage Peloton.

“Garage Peloton are experts in management training,” said Jane Pearson, Cycling Prophet’s Global Director of Education. “They have significant experience working with independent motorcycle dealers to build their selling expertise. We’re looking to leverage this expertise to increase profit, retain staff and build loyalty for IBDs.”

During the two-day class, attendees will receive industry insights, learn training and staffing best practices, and the art and science of expense control to maximize profit. They will also learn proven methods to having a sales mindset and closing the deal.

Cycling Prophet has also launched the Journeyman Technician video series — 17 service videos to inform and inspire shop mechanics and service technicians about the key technologies behind Cannondale’s products. Upon completion of this series, participants will be awarded a Journeyman Technician certificate.

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