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Bedford shop partners with local brewery to create destination store

Published February 28, 2018

BEDFORD, Pa. (BRAIN) — Fat Jimmy’s Outfitters and Olde Bedford Brewing Company are teaming up to offer bikes, boats and beer to customers in the Bedford County area. Olde Bedford Brewing Company, a startup micro-brewery will occupy 1,500 square feet of the 10,000-square-foot store, which sells kayaks, bikes and other outdoor gear.

Jim Fungaroli, owner of Fat Jimmy’s Outfitters, is an industry veteran who worked for Cannondale, REI and started his own bike brand — Speedhouse Bicycles — with frames designed by David Earle. Four years ago he purchased Fat Jimmy’s in Bedford, Pennsylvania.

Jim and Perci Fungaroli of Fat Jimmy's and Dave and Mary Heller of Olde Bedford Brewing Company believe their separate companies are perfect complements to one another. They hope to create a destination shop for both tourists and locals.

Fat Jimmy's product lines include bicycles, kayaks and a host of other outdoor equipment for the active lifestyle, the adventurous and the family-focused lovers of the outdoors. Bike brands include Cannondale, GT, Scott and Schwinn. Olde Bedford Brewery will serve locally crafted beers that are enhanced by their deep connection to the history of Bedford and surrounding counties, particularly focused on the Whiskey Rebellion in which Bedford played a key role. Patrons will be immersed with the sights, sounds and smells emanating from the open brewing area.

“We believe that bikes, boats and beers go together,” said Fungaroli. “After a day out on the lake or river, or after a ride or hike, a family can relax at Olde Bedford Brewing with a local beer brewed on site. The new brew pub is located in a modest, yet comfortable, section of Fat Jimmy's retail space."

“We really like this hybrid model of complementary businesses,” added Heller. "Our interests are aligned.”

Heller said his interest in brewing began five years ago when his wife gave him a beer-making kit. The kit led him to grow hops on their Bedford County ranch. Some specialty beers will include water from a spring on their property.

“We will try to capture the essence of the way they brewed in colonial times. We are the first brewery to be licensed to operate in Bedford County,” Heller said. “We hope to make this brew pub a destination, a place that people will visit as part of their time in Bedford County. We plan to market to a 75-mile area. We are not a bar, we are a place for families to come to have a nice evening. They can have food delivered here for a meal.”

The brewery will officially open for business March 6 with a ribbon cutting and grand opening party. 

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