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Hanson Hills Bike Festival

6 & 12 Hours of Rules. Five Individuals per age group or teams makes a class. You will be required to ride through chute for lap counting. One of the opposite sex, required to qualify a mixed team. Only one rider per team on the course at a time. Two Person Teams required to do minimum of 2-4 Laps/person; Four Person Teams 1-2 Laps/person. On Course Repairs may be performed by registered riders/racers only.
Food & Water Support may be provided by anyone to anyone at anytime. Must stay clear of course when taking food or water. One official Aid Station on Course. Working Front light & Flashing Rear Light are required for the night portion of the ride. A back up pen light and extra battery are strongly recommended. Any Rider Finishing a lap without lights in working order will lose that lap!

Date: September 15, 2007 7:00 am
Location: Grayling, MI