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Lynette Carpiet


Lynette joined BRAIN as managing editor in 2005 after reporting and editing for other trade magazines in Southern California. But she hadn’t ridden a bike, really, since childhood. So it was a steep learning curve on the ways of the industry, and its spirited group rides. But she’s stuck around, and now manages to mostly hang on and sometimes even lead at the front of the pack on the road — at least before the hills. She recently moved to Laguna Hills, and relishes her 3-mile commute by bike to the magazine’s office either on her road bike or loaner e-bike. In 2011, she became editor. She welcomes complaints, story ideas and general feedback on the magazine and website either by snail mail, email, phone, or social media.
(949) 206-1677 ext. 203

Toby Hill

Managing Editor

A writer and editor with more than 20 years of publishing experience, Toby joined the BRAIN editorial team just before show season in 2011 — a baptism by fire for a longtime mountain biker who had never worked in the industry. His résumé includes several years on the news and business copy desk at Southern California's Orange County Register before moving on to edit for several entertainment and business trade publications, including The Hollywood Reporter and Workforce Management magazine. As a veteran but woefully unskilled mountain biker he has amassed a laundry list of medical claims, and at his advanced age now prefers to keep his knobbies close to terra firma. However, Toby’s the first to lead the BRAIN lunch road ride onto dirt whenever the opportunity arises. He lives in the mountain bike mecca of Fullerton — where he can be found dodging ear-budded dog walkers on the legendary Fullerton Loop trails — with his wife, daughter and two dogs. … Make that three dogs. Good boy, Norman!
(720) 251-6899

Stephen Frothingham

Web Editor

Stephen is in his second stint at BRAIN. He was here at the beginning in 1992 while still working for a bike retailer in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He wrote several articles for BRAIN's first issue and later joined the staff, eventually becoming managing editor and then executive editor. After leaving BRAIN in 1997 he worked for several news organizations including The Associated Press and VeloNews before rejoining BRAIN as web editor in 2011. He works from a home office in Longmont, Colorado, with the assistance of Huck the Bernese Mountain Dog. He is an enthusiastic (but painfully slow) road, mountain bike and cyclocross rider.
949-206-1677 ext. 209

Val Vanderpool

Staff Writer

Val is BRAIN’s newest staff writer. She comes to the magazine with a varied background including stints as a bike shop manager, bicycle tour guide, and race and event director. She also worked as a freelance writer in the outdoor and travel industries. Most recently, she taught women’s clinics and drove a demo van, working with Giant retailers all over the west. An Idaho native who has lived all over the northwest, Val is excited about her recent relocation to sunny southern California, where she can mountain bike, trail run, and garden year round. She lives in Silverado canyon with her boyfriend Brian and their two dogs.
(949) 206-1677 ext. 205

Marc Sani

Staff Writer

Marc was in the second month of a four-month kayak trip exploring the nooks and crannies of Baja’s 800-mile coastline when he received a cryptic message from home. Call Bill Tanler. A quick phone call from Bahia de Los Angeles and the deal was struck. They would launch Bicycle Retailer & Industry News in January 1992. Tanler, who passed away from a heart attack in 1999, lived to see BRAIN become the dominant trade magazine in the industry. Sani helped steer the magazine over the years through several wrenching corporate transitions. Sani is a former wire service and newspaper reporter who thrives on news whether in print or on the web. He became interested in cycling and joined a local cycling club in the mid 1980s, but candidly admits that skiing is his first love and cycling was one way to stay in shape for backcountry powder. In 2013 Sani stepped into a new role as Staff Writer as Megan Tompkins took over as BRAIN's third publisher.
(949) 206-1677 ext. 201

Dean Severson

Creative Director

Dean is the newest member of the BRAIN team. Dean has 15 years experience in marketing, advertising and the arts. His expertise lies in graphic design, web design, advertising, marketing and social networking. He has a long list of clients who he has worked with. Dean is a California native, who has lived up and down the state, settling in Southern California in 1996. His love for cycling developed in 1985 when as a kid he saw Greg LeMond win the Coors Classic in Colorado. He's been a fan ever since. On weekend, he's hanging with the family at the ocean, on bikes or playing tennis. On his iPod you will find reggae, old school hip hop and reggae.
(505) 820-8176

Matt Wiebe

Technical Editor

Matt is one of the magazine’s original editors, penning his first article in BRAIN’s second edition in 1992. With a penchant for obscure parts, frames and brands, Matt ended up as the technical editor. He also had more bikes and bike parts in his garage than all the other editors combined. Matt said he’s looking forward to his 30-year sabbatical at the company and hopes to spend some of that “free” time walking around Interbike and checking out the goods instead of writing copy for the Show Daily.
(505) 780-5065

Doug McClellan

Contributing Editor

Doug McClellan has been contributing to Bicycle Retailer & Industry News almost from the magazine’s beginning. He had been a newspaper reporter for 20 years, covering stories from New Mexico to Bangkok, and has been involved in trade magazines for nearly 15 years. Doug now freelances from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Patrick O'Grady


Patrick O'Grady has been writing and drawing for money since the 1970s and annoying people in person since 1954, when he was born in a solar-powered, carbon-neutral, organic-log cabin he built himself with funds cleverly diverted from a UNESCO project intended to construct a chain of kimchee stand-slash-pay toilets along the Korean DMZ. He was suckered into helping launch BRAIN when Marc Sani cleverly offered to "buy him a beer" and has been hanging around ever since, waiting for it. O'Grady enjoys solo cyclocross, though he rarely podiums, and maintains a small arsenal of semiautomatic firearms, through which he corresponds with his many vociferous critics. O'Grady and his long-suffering wife, Shannon, have no children, thanks to a number of hastily and unanimously passed local, state and federal measures upon their wedding in 1990, but have been blessed with a pair of massively retarded cats, Ike and Turkish. And don't ever call me Pat.

Administrative Staff

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Megan Tompkins


Megan is the fourth person to run the 22-year-old publication. The magazine’s former editor, Megan recently returned to lead the staff after working in sales and marketing roles for two leading industry suppliers. A graduate of Dartmouth College, Megan wrote for travel trade magazines in New York before moving back to California where she grew up. She joined Bicycle Retailer in 2001 as its associate editor then left for a marketing role in the surf industry. After returning to the magazine, and serving as its editor for seven years, she went to work on the brand side of the industry. Marc Sani persuaded her to return once again—this time as his replacement. She hopes the third time is a charm! She lives in Irvine, California, with her husband, Andy. When not riding her bike, she joins Andy on the golf course and tries to wear out their two dogs on long walks.
(949) 206-1677 ext. 207

Ron Bertola

Production Manager

Ron has more than 20 years of magazine production experience. Early in his career he was fortunate to work at media and trade show giant Miller Freeman. There, Ron was taught all he knows about magazine production by the legendary Andy Mickus. Just give Ron a deadline and he's set to go. At BRAIN, he puts a significant emphasis on customer service and tries to make it easy for companies to do business with the magazine. Ron has handled thousands of closes; he never panics and (almost) always delivers. He values his working relationship with sales, editorial, and creative staff.
Telephone and Fax: (505) 466-3211

Terry Moyes

Associate Publisher-Circulation

Terry joined Bicycle Retailer & Industry News in May 1992 as its advertising director while the magazine was in its infancy. The current publisher, Marc Sani, who was then editor, somehow convinced him to join the new, struggling and under-capitalized publication. At the time it faced three strong competitors : Bicycle Dealer Showcase, American Bicyclist and Bicycle Business Journal. Moyes became publisher in 1997 upon the death of the magazine's co-founder, Bill Tanler. Moyes remained publisher until the magazine was moved to Southern California in 2001. During his 45-year career in magazine publishing he has served as publisher of Popular Science and advertising director for SKI Magazine, Ski Business, Ski Racing and World Tennis. He also worked in a variety of capacities at other special interest consumer and trade publications in London and the United States. Now happily living in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife, Irene, Moyes, remains with the magazine as Associate Publisher-Circulation and shares advice from his years of publishing with the staff.

Advertising Sales

Office: (949) 206-1677 ext. 208

Gary Newkirk

Director of Sales and Marketing

Territory: Southern California from San Luis Obispo to San Diego, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. Gary Newkirk’s introduction to the bicycle industry was in the 1970’s when his family bought a family shop in Anaheim. While in college at the University of California San Diego and later at UCLA, Gary managed the bicycle co-op at UCSD and worked at Bikeology while finishing his degree at UCLA. Following a brief diversion into the finance world after college, he found his way back to the industry with stints at Two Wheel Transit Authority, West Coast Cycles and Blackburn Designs. Sports photography was always a passion and while at Blackburn he began shooting events for Winning Magazine and its sister publication Triathlete Magazine. A desire to broaden his sports coverage led to a staff photographer position at Allsport Photography (now Getty Images). While at Allsport he began specializing in golf photography leading to a position with Golf World / Golf Digest. After covering more than 500 professional golf tournaments he found himself drawn back at his first love, cycling. Gary joined Bicycle Retailer and Industry News in September 2011 as the Director of Sales and Marketing.
Office: (541) 488-1933

Peter Kirkpatrick

Far West Sales

Territory: Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Northern California south to Monterey, Idaho, Montana and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. Peter Kirkpatrick, or PK as many know him, has been in magazine sales since 1976 and has been an independent rep since 1984 when he first took on Ski Business, a trade magazine in the ski industry. PK sold ads into the first issue of Bicycle Retailer, mailed in January 1992. Over the years he has sold advertising in the golf, ski, tennis and outdoor industry. Some of those titles include the NASTAR Guide, SKI Magazine, Tennis Match, Golf Week, Snow Country, Sporting Goods Business, Skiing Trade News, Warren Miller's SnowWorld, Outdoor Retailer Show Daily, the San Francisco Giant’s Game Day, Mountain Gazette and currently Outdoor USA.
Office: (847) 537-9196

Barry and Jim Kingwill

Midwest Sales

Sales Territory: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Jim Kingwill began working as a publisher’s representative in 1989. Began working with Bicycle Retailer & Industry News six months after the magazine began publishing. Jim is married with two children and one too many dogs. He’s an avid sailor and enjoys skiing, shooting trap and skeet, kayaking and cycling. Barry Kingwill began selling advertising in 1982 and started selling for Bicycle Retailer & Industry News six months after it was launched. Barry is married with 3 children. Pastimes include golf, bicycling the forest preserves and trap shooting. Cell Phone: Barry Kingwill: (847) 971-3295 Cell Phone: Jim Kingwill: (847) 971-3294 Email Barry: Email Jim:
Cell phone: (203) 906-5806

Karl Wiedemann

East Coast Sales

Since the age of 4, Karl Wiedemann has loved bicycles and the freedom they brought. Always a tinkerer, Karl grabbed a wrench and removed the training wheels from his first bike because he couldn't corner as well as he wanted to. Through the years, Karl has raced mountain bikes, worked in bike shops and managed the marketing and public relations for brands such as Pedro's, Thule, Chariot and Park Tool. Today, Karl is still an avid cyclist, hiker, paddle-boarder, runner and skier. Karl splits his time between Georgia and Vermont.
Office and Fax: (505) 466-3211

Irene Moyes

National Market Place Sales

Irene joined the magazine in 1992 and presides over the growth and development of one of the most important and well-read sections of the magazine: The Market Place. Irene is known the most energetic and personable member of the magazine's show booth staff at Interbike. In between raising two boys and doting on four grandchildren, Irene had found time to be a fashion buyer for Harrods in London and Associated Merchandise Corp. in New York. She ran her own dental lab equipment import business, making use of her fluency in French and German. She also ran a school lunch program for 200 children and worked for a number of New York based Fortune 500 companies in a variety of capacities. She now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband, Terry, the magazine's Associate Publisher/Circulation.
Telephone: 886-4-7357860

Wheel Giant, Inc.

Taiwan & China

Focus is the key feature of Wheel Giant's attitude and that focus centers on publishing and as an independent sales agency for foreign bicycle magazines. We have been the sales agent in Taiwan for more than 40 specialized foreign bicycle magazines including Bicycling, Bicycle Retailer & Industry New, Mountain Bike Action, Tour and Mountain Bike. We have become an important globalization partner for Taiwanese companies by strategically placing advertisements and supplying information for the industry. In addition we publish the Chinese-language Bike Market Update distributed in China and Taiwan. Wheel Giant, Inc. 193 Tze-Chiang Road, Changhua Taiwan, ROC Fax: 886-4-73560789
Office: 39-010-583-684

Ediconsult Internazionale

Italy & Switzerland

Ediconsult is Bicycle Retailer & Industry News' key advertising sales firm in Genova, Italy, for advertising accounts that originate in Italy and Switzerland. Plaza Fontane Marose, 3-16123 Genova, Italy Fax: 39-010-566-578 or

National Bicycle Dealers Association

The NBDA is a non-profit association promoting the interests of every specialty bicycle retailer in the United States. Each dollar raised goes towards funding member programs, and every program is approved by an active, elected, volunteer Board of Directors comprised of specialty retailers. Since 1946 the NBDA has represented the best in bicycle retail. If you are a specialty bicycle retailer, an NBDA membership will help your business grow.

3176 Pullman Street, Suite 117
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(949) 722-6909

Todd Grant - President
Brandee Lepak - Chairman
Global Bikes - Gilbert, Ariz.
Robert Fullem - First Vice Chair
The Downtube Bicycle Works - Albany, N.Y.
Kent Cranford - Second Vice Chair
Motion Makers Bicycle Shop, Asheville, N.C.
Erik Kugler - Treasurer
BicycleSPCACE, Washington, D.C.
Jeff Selzer - Secretary
Palo Alto Bicycles, Palo Alto, Calif.
Dave Enz - Director
Oakdale Bicycle Shop., Inc., Oakdale Calif.
Phil Cohen - Director
Chain Reaction Bicycles, Evans, Ga.
Mike Jacoubowsky - Director
Chain Reaction Bicycles, Redwood City, Calif.
Kelli Kavanaugh - Director
Wheelhouse Detroit, Detroit, Mich.
James Moore - Director
Moore's Bicycle Shop, Hattiesburg, Miss.