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Recycled Bike Art Has Something to Offer

Published January 30, 2008

LAGUNA HILLS, CA (BRAIN)—Recycled Bike Art is comprised of talented artists and craftspeople that combine retired bicycle parts and stained glass to make beautiful and functional artwork.

Artist and lifelong cyclist, Angela Armstrong is the founder and principal artist of Recycled Bike Art.

Three years ago while working in her garage, the idea of integrating her passion for creating unique stained glass pieces and her love of cycling came together.

"I was looking at a chain ring and thought that would look great with some glass," Armstrong said. She has since taken that initial thought and developed it into a creative and quickly expanding line of framed artwork, clocks, coasters and jewelry.

Seeing great importance in re-using materials in an effort to reduce waste, Armstrong collects retired parts from cycling shops throughout the United States.

"The shops have been really great about donating," she said. "They love that I am able to reuse these old greasy parts to create art." is looking for wholesalers. If you are interested, please contact Angela Armstrong at 207-838-2804.

Visit www.recycledbikeart to purchase or view a list of merchants. Support independent artists and the environment by purchasing distinctive recycled bicycle artwork today.

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