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Quote of the Day

Published February 13, 2008

"Your chowda is on a truck and out for delivery. Hope it gets there by lunch. ENJOY YOU WINNER! Grrrr."

—Thule's Karl Wiedemann.

Some of you are probably wondering what the back story is to this. Well, it all went down on a bitter cold evening in a smoky Salt Lake City bar during Winter OR.

Thule's Karl W proposed a friendly little wager on the Super Bowl. His pick, of course, was the New England Patriots. While, BRAIN editor Megan Tompkins took her hubby's team, The New York "Football" Giants and six points.

The bet: Legal Seafoods for Megan if she wins. In-N-Out Burger for Karl if he wins. (Web Editor Jason Norman witnessed the whole thing.)

Well, it turns out Megan didn't need the points, as her frozen block of chowder (with crackers too) showed up yesterday via Fed Ex. Once it thaws out, we'll get Megan's take on if it's as good as she remembers it during her college days. Oh wait, you're not supposed to remember anything from college. But we'll get a quote anyway.

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