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Spot Brand Acquires Maverick

Published May 18, 2008

GOLDEN, CO (BRIAN)—Spot Brand, manufacturers of single-speed bikes and carbon belt drive systems, has added Maverick’s full-suspension product line to its offerings.

Maverick founders Paul Turner and Frank Vogel will still be involved with future Maverick designs.

“Because Maverick still has bikes in inventory and in the queue in Taiwan, we will be able to ship bikes to dealers next week. But our on-hand inventory is limited so I expect we will fill outstanding orders initially,” said Frank Scurlock, Spot Brand’s vice president of operations.

Spot Brand purchased the Maverick brand outright, but is licensing Maverick intellectual property from Turner and Vogel, as do other companies that use Maverick’s suspension design. Turner and Vogel have started a new design firm called Black Glass, which is offering its design services within and outside the industry.

Scurlock sees the purchase as a great move for Spot Brand as the company can now offer dealers its signature line of single-speed product as well as a full-suspension line.

Given Scurlock’s commitment to manufacturing in Golden, Colorado, he expects some future Maverick product will come off the same production lines as the current Spot product. Future Spot and Maverick product will be made in Taiwan and Colorado. Scurlock says the next generation of Maverick products is probably a year or more away.

—Matt Wiebe

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