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Specialized Doing Concept Store in Holland

Published September 2, 2008

GOIRLE, Netherlands (BRAIN)—Specialized has opened a concept store in Goirles, Holland, and plans to continue expanding the model in that country and other European nations, said Paul Pigmans, marketing and sales officer with Specialized in the Netherlands.

The bicycle mix focuses on mid- to high-end road and mountain bikes.

“As we all know, Holland is a country with not so many mountains. This means the focus for mountain bikes is very XC and XC trail oriented. For equipment, the whole Specialized product range is available,” he said.

“We want to give the consumer the chance to see all of our innovations and high-tech in a beautiful surrounding. This is the expectation we have with this store. The consumer comes in the store and gets excited by the Specialized world. The outstanding product presentation, best-trained staff and the best service is what we want the biker to find,” he added.

Shop owners are brothers Hans and Erwin Rings, and the shop name is Rings Goirles. Specialized plans to take the program to other communities in the Netherlands to assure the bike-crazy Dutch have concept stores within reasonable distances.

Specialized first launched the model in Europe in the United Kingdom and Spain, and recently opened a concept store in Nuremburg, Germany. “We already started with concept stores in Germany, Belgium and France. Plus there are more stores under construction,” Pigmans said.

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