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The 5th Spot

Published October 2, 2008

Last Thursday at Interbike, during SRAM's booth "Happy Hour," the company did a dealer promotion giving away a HammerSchmidt equipped bike. "Who knew serving free beer and giving away killer product would attract so many people?" said SRAM's Eric Schutt.

With Greg 'HB' Herbold being a part of SRAM and RockShox for 20 years now, there was no better place to roast him. Stories poured in from around the industry.

"We definitely had to filter out some of the less than PC tales, but we succeeded in surprising him and celebrating HB's passion for bicycling," Schutt said.

When the dust settled, SRAM rolled out a little something special. Thanks to the crew at, Herbold was given a custom Baja 5t—a 1:5 scale, 26cc gasoline powered radio control stadium truck.

Click on the link to see SRAM's Michael Zellman roast way.

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