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Blue Offers Wind-Tunnel Time to Customers

Published October 8, 2008

NORCROSS, GA (BRAIN)—Blue Competition Cycles is betting its unique, new promotional program will have its new Triad multisport/time-trial bike flying out of stores.

Every consumer who buys a complete Triad bike will receive a free hour in the A2 Wind Tunnel in Charlotte, North Carolina, to fine-tune their aerodynamic riding position.

“When a cyclist buys a bike of this caliber, they are clearly serious about speed and efficiency,” said Chance Regina of Blue Competition Cycles. “By helping our Triad customers get the most from their bike, we are also helping our dealers boost sales. The free wind-tunnel time offer makes Triad the best choice for serious riders and provides a unique sales opportunity.”

Regina said the offer is good as long as Blue has Triads available. The company plans to carry the model for several years.

“We’ve already sold one new Triad under this program and I expect to sell a lot more,” said Todd Muller, owner of Reality Bikes in Cumming, Georgia. “Serious cyclists know the importance of an aerodynamic riding position and wind tunnel testing is how the pros optimize theirs. Most riders never dreamed they could actually spend time in a wind tunnel, so this offer makes choosing the Triad a no-brainer. Leave it to Blue to come up with an offer like this.”

The Blue Competition Cycles Wind Tunnel offer applies to buyers of complete Triad bikes who return the registration card. The buyer may purchase additional time at a special, reduced rate. Transportation is not included.

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