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The 5th Spot (2009 Resolution Edition)

Published December 16, 2008

For BRAIN's January issue, the magazine picked several of the industry's best and brightest for a more serious look at their respective company's New Year's resolutions. For the Web, however, BRAIN chose to go a different route, asking some more fine members of the industry what their personal resolutions were for 2009. So, without further ado (and in no specific order), here it goes:

"For 2009 I resolve to cut way back on my texting while driving. I also want to come up with a password other than 'bicycle.' Uh, just kidding. That's not really my password. Honest. So don't try to use it. It won't work." —Bill Armas, Park Tool

"Spend more time with my family. Ride more. Crash less. Eat less/better. Make more cool bikes. Make more useful bikes. Make more sexy bikes. Make more fun bikes. Sell all of the above! Hopefully help to make the world a better place by sharing my love of cycling with more people and helping them to find the reasons why I have been so addicted to cycling for the past 26 years. In my own feeble way, I hope I can continue to work with and share ideas with so many fantastic people and help to create a better cycling community." —Tim Jackson, Masi Bicycles

"In 2009 I want to share the bigger experience of the fun that can be had on two wheels (without motor). Look for a new MTB event in Lake Tahoe to emerge and up the ante. With Brian Lopes help this event will showcase the multiple layers of MTB into a single event with a goal to challenge the riders and reward them what they have been missing...good courses and big money! At the end of the day, my New Year's resolution it to share my experiences to raise the bar in two wheel sports and make everyone who is looking at what is going on want to get on a bike and love it!" —Steve Blick, Oakley

"You mean other than cutting down on the hard liquor? Actually, I meant to say, cheap hard liquor." —Sky Yaeger, Swobo

"For 2009 I plan to ride my bike to work more, get five non-cycling friends into the sport of cycling, be the best person I can be and embrace all life experiences." —Karl "Zenmaster" Wiedemann, Thule

"I resolve to ride a Giant Bowery '72 fixed-gear bicycle on something other than a bike path. God gave man the freewheel and brake calipers for a reason." —Patrick VanHorn, Giant Bicycles

"My personal New Year's resolution is to ski more. We are so lucky to live and work in a resort town that offers so much great cycling and a winter to indulge in." —Adrian Montgomery, Scott USA

"For my New Year's resolution there are a few things I really need to do like finally start using Rogaine, but as priorities go some of them will once again get bumped to that 'I'll take care of that next month' list.' A few things I'll work hard at is reducing the amount of emissions my vehicle puts into the air, help more people in need through charity events and help build GT back to a 'Force' in the in the IBD market." —Bill Rudell, Cannondale

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