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Fuji Registers with ProTour for 2009

Published December 17, 2008

PHILADELPHIA, PA (BRAIN)—Fuji bicycles has announced its sponsorship of Fuji-Servetto, the newest ProTour Cycling Team for the 2009 season.

Registered previously with the UCI under the name of GM Bikes, the team acquired sponsorship from Fuji bicycles and Servetto, an Italian wardrobe manufacturing company. The ProTour team will also be supported in 2009 by TMC Transformers and by the province of Cantabria which is located in northern Spain.

For Fuji bicycles, the largest brand of Advanced Sports, Inc., headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, this will be the first time its road and time trial bikes will be ridden in the ProTour, the highest level in the sport of cycling.

"We are thrilled beyond belief," said Advanced Sports' director of marketing Karen Bliss. "We've had competitive road bikes for a long time—Judith Arndt, Regina Schleicher, Ivan Dominguez, Dominique Rollin and Tyler Hamilton all can attest to that. Now with the addition of our new D-6 time trial bike, we are ProTour ready."

Being involved with the ProTour is the biggest step a bicycle manufacturer can take in the cycling world. With immeasurable benefits, the ProTour team will open new doors for Fuji, including what it hopes to be a great return on its investment. The worldwide brand and product promotion generated from Fuji-Servetto will increase sales in the European, Asian and U.S. markets.

“We’ve seen direct results from our association with top level teams,” said Patrick Cunnane, president of ASI. “As we step into the ProTour we expect these results to carry into our European and Asian markets, as well as increase sales in the U.S.”

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