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Litespeed Launches Rebate Program

Published December 17, 2008

CHATTANOOGA, TN (BRAIN)—In response to a tightening economy, the makers of specialty bicycle line Litespeed are launching the bicycle industry’s first ever direct-to-consumer rebate program.

Specialty hangtags are being distributed this week to all Litespeed dealers to launch and promote the campaign, in which parent company American Bicycle Group (ABG) will send a rebate check for up to $350 to any consumer who purchases a qualifying Litespeed bicycle frame, frameset or complete bike.

“While our consumers’ strongest relationships are most often with their local bike shop, their personal satisfaction is our constant focus, and we want to do what we can to provide those cyclists relief from a tight economy and say thank you for their purchase,” said ABG chief executive officer Peter Hurley.

According to ABG vice president of sales Steve Boyd, Litespeed was the logical first brand within the group to start the rebate program. "We have so many more Litespeed dealers," Boyd said. Boyd said the rebate program could very well include Merlin in the future, and possibly Quintana Roo further down the line.

Litespeed models are designated by three unique levels of technology, which are denoted by a T1, T2 or T3 symbol on each bike and which help to deliver a more custom product according to a cyclist’s desired level of performance and craftsmanship. Direct-to-consumer rebates will be given to individuals who buy a 2008 or 2009 model Litespeed bicycle frame, frameset or complete bike in any of these three levels of technology through February 2009.

· With the purchase of a Litespeed T1 design, buyers receive a $350 rebate check and a cutting-edge bicycle with a level of titanium processing that ABG was called on to create for NASA’s MSL rover. Representing radical degrees of manipulation, T1 frames are Litespeed’s premier models and simply the most technically advanced bicycles in the world.

· With the purchase a T2 design, buyers receive a $300 rebate check. T2 technology combines the features of extreme butting, tapering and strategic shaping for reduced weight and higher performance, yielding a level of quality, performance and durability that is unmatched by lesser grade titanium or other materials.

· With the purchase of a Litespeed T3 design, buyers receive a $250 rebate check. The T3, which has carried Tour de France and winning green jerseys across the finish line, uses performance geometry and precision tubesets to create exceptional handling characteristics. This is where Litespeed begins to set the standard for modern cycling performance.

“Litespeed truly delivers the best titanium product available. This is because we manipulate our material far more and far better than any other company, in any industry, across the globe,” Hurley said. “We are dedicated to our craft and to the consumers who buy our product, and we want our rebates to go beyond the traditional bike discount or the free t-shirt. For the first time in the bike industry, we will give buyers cash in hand that they can use for the holidays or for other important budget items.”

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