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Josh Greenberg to Leave Veltec

Published February 2, 2009

CARSON CITY, NV (BRAIN)—Josh Greenberg will leave Veltec Sports at the end of the month after nine years with the company in posts that included managing director.

Greenberg attributed his departure to “the changing of the guard.”

Greenberg, who served as vice president of sales for the past six months, had previously served as Veltec’s managing director until Manfred Krikke came on board as its chief executive officer. Krikke joined Veltec Sports, U.S. a year ago as part of a succession plan for the family business his father started in The Netherlands more than 30 years ago.

Greenberg said he had a great run at Veltec and he hopes to remain in the industry.

“I was born and raised in the bicycle industry—that’s where my passion and my heart and soul is. Now, even though it’s a tough employment market, companies are looking for good people who can do a lot, who have much broader reach with a lot more talent,” said Greenberg, who managed Bell Sports Canada for nine years prior to joining Veltec.

Krikke cited redundancy in staffing as the primary reason for Greenberg’s departure.

“Josh’s role was a bit broader than VP sales, as he was responsible for operations and marketing. I’ve taken over responsibility for marketing together with Erin [Wille]. In operations we’ve hired someone here reporting to Josh, who is capable of running operations,” Krikke said.

“Josh has made great contributions with products we have and goals for the next several years. But it’s time for a new VP of sales,” he added.

Veltec is recruiting to fill the sales management position and Krikke said he has seen several great candidates.

He said that the business is otherwise fully staffed, but added that Veltec will take advantage of offices in Carson City, Nevada, and Boulder, Colorado, to continue to attract top talent.

After years in Monterey, California, Veltec relocated to Carson City in late 2006. The company last February licensed the Descente brand for North America and Europe, fueling speculation that the company would move to Descente’s Boulder offices.

Krikke emphasized that the company will stay in Carson City, but said that the addition of the Boulder office has created a logical division of business functions. Krikke will spend the majority of his time working out of the Boulder office, where the company’s marketing and design talent are based. Its operations and finance department will remain in Carson City.

“After acquiring the assets and license for the Descente business, we brought on a team of people in Boulder. In Carson City we have a very efficient operation with warehouses, shipping and our customer service team. We are close to Tahoe here, but Boulder also gives us the opportunity to recruit in an area very focused on outdoor and cycling,” Krikke said. “It is a great opportunity to the extent that we can bring on the best and brightest to both locations.”

—Megan Tompkins

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