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Roadbike Review Launches Commuter Content

Published February 2, 2009

REDWOOD CITY, CA (BRAIN)—Road bikes, cyclocrossers and fixie riders need to make room for pedestrian commuter content on

The popular Web site debuted its commuter forum and Commuter Resource guide two months ago and it already is one of the site's more popular destinations.

“Watching commuting bikes become more important at the Handmade Bike Show and at Interbike, as well as getting many emails from our community requesting commuter content motivated the change,” said Francis Cebedo, founder of, the parent company of and

Thien Dinh was recently hired to be the channel manager for Roadbike Review, which has helped the site keep more current with bike and product tests. Dinh also oversees the Commuter Resource guide, which is Roadbike Review’s online magazine presenting commuting specific product reviews as well as general articles on commuting.

Cebedo notes that many questions posed in the Components Wrenching forum are about adapting a bike to commuting, but similar questions crop up in’s technical forums. While the number of riders interested in commuting related topics is large, Cebedo says it’s hard to pin down how many people interested in commuting topics are across the two sites.

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