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Colnago to Launch Colnago America

Published February 8, 2009

CAMBIAGO, Italy (BRAIN)—Colnago will launch a direct U.S. subsidiary, Colnago America, Inc., this month.

"We are extremely excited to announce that we have created Colnago America, which will now be the direct supplier of Colnago frames and accessories in America," said Ernesto Colnago from company headquarters in Cambiago, Italy.

Transition of distribution services from Veltec Sports to Colnago America will be complete by the end of the month. The company’s top priority is to make this transition as smooth as possible for its retail customers and in the United States and Canada.

"Over the past several years, Colnago has experienced exceptional growth worldwide, but to reach our full potential in the North American market, we felt for a while, we needed to make a change," said Alex Colnago, Colnago sales manager.

"For the first time in the long history of Colnago sales in America, we will be in a position to have full control over our distribution, sales and marketing. Now we will be able to offer more competitive prices, improved delivery and better service to our retailers and Colnago riders in North America,” he added.

"While we are in the process of defining the complete Colnago America Team, we can announce that our friend Soren Krebs, formerly of Veltec Sports, will be joining Colnago America with sales and general management responsibilities. We are confident that he can lead Colnago America going forward," said Ernesto Colnago.

Krebs, who served as the brand manager for Colnago at Veltec for the past two years, resigned when Veltec ended its relationship with Colnago earlier this year.

“I had a very positive experience working for Veltec for the past two years. I have the utmost respect for Veltec and the people there,” Krebs said. “When I was offered the opportunity to come work for Colnago, because I had been with them for a number of years, it was quite an easy decision to make.”

Krebs will establish an office and warehouse for Colnago America in Chicago.

Krebs said the location will improve communication with Italy because Chicago is a seven-hour time difference, versus a nine-hour time difference from Veltec’s California offices. In addition, he said Chicago offers direct flights to Milan, making it easy for employees from the two offices to meet face-to-face. And Krebs said due to its central location, the warehouse will offer timely shipping to dealers in every part of the country.

“This is the first time every in a long history that they are going direct,” Krebs said. “This is very exciting for me and for Mr. Colnago and the Colnago family. It is a new approach for them to work it this way. They will have much more control over marketing, pricing and activities in the market. Pricing will be more competitive because the distributor will not be in the middle. Pricing will benefit the dealer and the consumer.”

Starting tomorrow, Krebs can be reached at Colnago America this week will launch a Web site:

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