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Last Chance to Support Bikes in Parks

Published February 10, 2009

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN)—IMBA is asking all of its riding friends to take action and support improved mountain biking opportunities in U.S. national parks.

It's down to the final week for public comments, so this is your last chance. Please forward this alert to everyone who rides; IMBA needs your support to create better trail experiences in America’s most treasured parks.

IMBA’s online form (click on link) makes it easy to send your letter to the National Park Service (NPS).

This important rule change will let individual parks—using established processes for public comment and environmental review—decide whether to expand mountain biking on dirt trails. This is a monumental change that benefits mountain bikers in several ways.

"I am writing to personally ask you to help IMBA win the biggest policy battle we have taken on in our 21-year history—to increase opportunities for mountain biking in national parks," said Jenn Dice, IMBA's governmental affairs director, in an email.

"National parks represent the most treasured, iconic places in America and IMBA stands ready to help build and open trails in these epic, breathtaking lands. From a policy perspective, our national parks set the bar and it is critical that they embrace mountain biking as their policies shape those of state, county, and city parks. We only have until Feb. 18 (a week from Wednesday) to submit comments, and five national organizations have waged an all out battle to defeat this proposed rule. I know many of you have already written, but we need your co-workers, your customers, and your riding buddies to weigh in as well. This is big."

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