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Rox Contests Name of Sigma’s Rox Computers

Published April 24, 2009

TUCSON, AZ (BRAIN)—Rox rim strip co-founder Dennis Harris sent a cease and desist letter to Sigma USA contesting its use of the name Rox on two bike computers, the Rox 8.0 and Rox 9.0 computers.

“This is the first time that someone has gotten this far using our name on their products on the market,” said Harris, Rox’s co-founder. “We haven’t contacted an attorney yet since we are still working to resolve the issue before making that step. But we are prepared to go there to protect our name in the market,” he added.

Rox is not a registered trademark but it is the company’s 22nd year in business and it has common law rights to the name, Harris said.

Sigma USA has received Harris’ letter and is examining the matter. “We’ve had our attorneys look things over and they don’t see any problem since we are selling two completely different products,” said Brian Orloff, Sigma USA’s managing director. But Orloff said Sigma Germany will be making the final decision.

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