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OHM Cycle Expands in Europe

Published July 6, 2009

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (BRAIN)—OHM Cycles has expanded its marketing efforts into Europe, looking to capitalize on the continent's increasing consumer interest in power-assisted bicycles.

“As electric power-assist bikes gain in popularity in North America, they are even more popular in Europe,” said Michael DeVisser, president of OHM Cycles. “At a recent worldwide bike conference in Brussels, it was reported that one out of every 10 bicycles sold in Europe has power-assist. We're looking to tap into that market.”

OHM has established dealers in Spain, Germany, Ireland and Italy. Enthusiasm for the product in Europe mirrors the positive response OHM e-bikes have earned in the U.S. and Canada.

“This spring-summer 2009 is our first season selling OHM bikes,” said Luciano Cicloone of Cicloone, an E-bike distributor in Pianezza, Italy. “We chose OHM Cycles because of the quality of components and the high technology used. OHM bicycles are designed for very demanding customers, from which we are receiving very positive feedback both as performance and as a general satisfaction of the product.”

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