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Kestrel Named Official Ironguides Bike

Published July 22, 2009

PHILADELPHIA, PA (BRAIN)—Kestrel Bicycles has been named the official bike of Ironguides coaching, a worldwide company dedicated to serving endurance athletes of all skill levels.

The partnership provides Ironguides' clients the opportunity to train and race on Kestrel bicycles. Ironguides coaches will work with their athletes to fit them with the Kestrel model that's best for them.

"While Kestrel isn't the only bicycle we work with, it is the one we recommend to our athletes. Kestrel's philosophy of delivering the best quality product meshes with Ironguides' philosophy to deliver superior coaching, training services and information to our athletes," said Ironguides coach Kristian Manietta. "I have been on the new Kestrel Airfoil Pro SE since January 2009 and it's the most aero, responsive, comfortable and fastest time trial bike I have ever ridden. We can't wait until the unveiling of the new TT machine from Kestrel."

"We look forward to helping Ironguides' clients reach their potential," said Steven Harad, Kestrel Bicycles brand manager. "Working with the coaches, each athlete will complete a Kestrel Fit Form and from that we'll get them the best bike to achieve their goals."

Ironguides is the leading lifestyle facilitation company for endurance athletes of all abilities. Ironguides provides coaching and training services, plans and programs, as well training education and health and fitness products to help you thrive in your active lifestyle.

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