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Zigo Doing its Own Clunkers Program

Published August 13, 2009

SOUTH ORANGE, N.J. (BRAIN)—Zigo has launched its Zigos for Clunkers program, a stimulus program that will help the environment, combat obesity, reduce dependency on foreign oil and promote positive parenting in America.

Zigo will accept any automobile (subject to restrictions) as a trade-in for a Zigo Leader Carrier Bicycle System. The family-friendly Zigo Leader(TM) Carrier Bicycle System, which won the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association Innovation Award in 2008, operates as a three-wheeled carrier bicycle, a stroller, jogging stroller, urban bicycle, or bicycle trailer, converting among these modes in less than one minute.

"Replacing oil-powered transportation with human-powered transportation is the most important step we can take as a country toward solving environmental, health and political problems," said Marc Urbanski, Zigo's director of North American sales. "Many European countries are far ahead of us in this regard, utilizing cycling, with and without children, as a primary mode of transport. Many American cities are updating their street grids to make family and commuter cycling accessible to all. Unlike the Cash for Clunkers program, our stimulus package will actually result in less driving and a more healthful lifestyle."

More information on the program can be found by clicking on link.

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