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Hippie Tech Suspension's New Program

Published August 30, 2009

GARDEN CITY, ID (BRAIN)—Hippie Tech Suspension’s Shox-in-a-Box program taps the company’s inventory of forks and shocks to get rebuilt product in customers hands within days.

“At this time of the year if a shop sends in a customer’s fork for rebuild it can take us up to two weeks to get that fork turned around,” said Jerry Vanderpool, Hippie Tech’s owner. “But we probably have that exact fork in inventory at about 75 percent rebuilt. All we would need is stereer length, rider intended usage and travel preference and we can turn that fork around in 24 to 48 hours and keep a customer happy.”

Vanderpool says for a basic rebuilt Shox-in-a-Box SID fork would sell for $150 and up for carbon models or fancy rebuilds. Hippie Tech also has an inventory of shocks to finish the build on and ship out. All Shox-in-a-Box products come with a Hippie Tech 90-day guarantee.

“As shops know, people don’t come in for a rebuild until the fork or shock is totally trashed. And usually they have a race next weekend or a big trip planed and our normal two-week turnaround will not work. Shox-in-a-Box helps dealers make a happy customer and helps us move through our inventory,” Vanderpool added.

A core is not needed to take advantage of the program, though one can be sent back in the Shox-in-a-Box shipping box to be evaluated for credit.

—Matt Wiebe

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