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Joint Venture Spawning Bike Report

Published October 26, 2009

JUPITER, FL (BRAIN)—Sports Marketing Surveys and the Gluskin Townley Group have formed a joint venture to publish a monthly Consumer Intelligence: Bicycles & Bicycling Report beginning January 2010.

In making the announcement Keith Storey, Sports Marketing Surveys vice president said, “Today we initiated the first monthly questionnaire to our consumer panel, and we will begin publication this coming January of the first ever consumer purchase and participation intention report specifically covering adult cyclists in the United States.

“We joined with the Gluskin Townley Group in creating and launching this consumer intention report because the great recession has brought with it major shifts in U.S. consumer buying and spending habits,” Storey said.

Recent consumer purchases and intention to purchase bicycles and participate in bicycling will be compiled every month and the first complete monthly analysis and report will be published on a subscription basis in January 2010.

Subscribers will receive monthly U.S. consumer market intelligence covering:

o Current adult bicycle riding activity and intention to ride during the coming month, including where, and why, or why not.

o Last new or used bicycle purchased, including type of bicycle, where purchased and how much paid.

o Intention to purchase during the coming month: a new or used bicycle, related products or repair services, including how much they intend to spend and from which retail channel they intend to make their purchase.

o What cycling media and other media adult consumers rely on and watch or read.

o Demographics of respondents including gender, age, household income and state.

o Impact of the economy on household.

“Nothing about the bicycle market will return to the way it was, and going forward in this volatile and rapidly changing business environment manufactures, brands, suppliers and retailers will all need up-to-date and in-depth intelligence about U.S. consumers’ intentions to purchase a bicycle and if and how they will use them,” said Elliot Gluskin, managing partner of the Gluskin Townley Group.

Contact if you would like more information or would like to arrange an interview about the Consumer Intelligence: Bicycles & Bicycling Report.

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