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Reynolds, Edge Settle Patent Issue

Published November 17, 2009

WEST JORDAN, UT (BRAIN)—Reynolds Cycling, a division of MacLean Quality Composites, and Edge Composites, have entered into a settlement agreement covering technology related to carbon fiber rims and wheels, specifically the 839 patent.

This agreement resolves pending litigation in the United States District Court in Utah.

“Reynolds Cycling is pleased that this settlement between Reynolds Cycling and Edge Composites has been resolved in an amicable outcome that works for both companies, so we can get back to the business of making great wheels,” said Dean Gestal, chief executive officer of Reynolds Cycling.

Edge Composites was unavailable for comment.

The 839 patent—issued on Feb. 19, 2002 and invented by Paul Lew (Reynolds director of technology and innovation) and Richard Steinke—involves a composite bicycle tire rim constructed from layers of a fiber reinforcement, preferably fiber glass, providing a rim with a weight comparable to an aluminum rim and as strong as a steel rim.

MacLean sued Edge in November 2008, alleging that Edge infringed on patent 839, which MacLean stated it owned, according to court documents. MacLean sought damages in that case, which was dismissed “for lack of subject matter jurisdiction and lack of personal jurisdiction over Edge” by the U.S. District Court in Illinois on April 14, 2009.

Two days later Edge filed a lawsuit of its own against MacLean in U.S. District Court in Utah, stating the company “does not” and “has not infringed” on any claim of the 839 patent, and that the “839 patent is invalid,” according to court documents. Edge was also looking to be awarded “costs and attorneys’ fees.”

“MacLean Quality Composites re-filed their infringement suit in Utah and rather than pursue either legal case Edge Composites has agreed to an undisclosed financial settlement to resolve the matter,” said Jonathan Geran, vice president of sales and marketing for Reynolds Cycling.

—Jason Norman

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