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Felt Partners with Retul for Bike Fit

Published November 19, 2009

IRVINE, CA (BRAIN)—Felt Bicycles has partnered with Retül, a motion capture system that offers bike retailers and fit specialists the tools for a precision fit.

Recognizing that proper fit is essential to attaining the best possible cycling experience for all cyclists, from competitive to recreational, Felt has chosen Retül to help accomplish its goal of offering every Felt customer a better fitting bike.

“There are a lot of choices in fit systems and philosophies, but we feel Retül’s system is best suited to meet our objectives,” said Felt national sales manager John Georger. “Our goal with this partnership is to give retailers another tool to enhance the riding experience for every Felt customer.”

Retül allows bike fit experts to capture 100 percent objective data in a dynamic state and evaluate multiple 3-D viewpoints while the rider is pedaling. By gathering data from eight key anatomical points in the cyclist’s riding position, Retül allows fitters to capture accurate dynamic data on every moving part of the body simultaneously in real-time.

Rather than choosing any one specific fit philosophy, Retül focuses on the process of gathering and analyzing the data. The depth of information makes it easier than ever for a fit professional to quantify every adjustment. It’s also convenient, requiring only a PC and 80 square feet of space for line of sight requirements. It can be easily be packed away for conserving space or taken on the road for mobile fitting.

“We feel that knowledge is power,” said Cliff Simms, founder of Retül. “And Retül empowers bike fitters with the most robust cycling-gait specific data file available. We’re thrilled to align ourselves with a forward-thinking bike manufacturer like Felt, which we believe can benefit greatly from the Retül’s services.”

As part of this agreement, Felt retailers receive a discount and preferred access to Retül University, a program that educates professional fitters about Retül technology. The University combines online education with hands-on studio time so that every Retül University certificate-holder has all the right tools to provide the best fit possible.

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