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Kate Nelson to Lead Power Cordz

Published February 10, 2010

BOISE, ID (BRAIN)—After a transition period over the past three months, Kate Nelson has taken the lead of Io DuPont’s Power Cordz as company founder Tony DuPont focuses on research and development.

Power Cordz’ future looks bright in the eyes of Nelson who sees lowered manufacturing costs on the horizon and growing interest from OEMs and end-users now.

“2010 will be a big year for building on the successes of 2009,” Nelson said. “As a small company, the growth we’ve seen has been really exciting—especially considering the economy’s slow-down since 2008.”

Plans under Nelson’s leadership include a strengthened campaign to build awareness of some of the lesser known advantages of synthetic control cables. She said of her marketing position: “Power Cordz have a real advantage in sloppy conditions because of their resistance to dust, dirt and corrosion. They are great for long distance riders because they’ll never stretch or lose precision. Power Cordz are about more than weight savings and that’s what we’re talking about in 2010," Nelson said.

Nelson started with Power Cordz in 2008 as the finance and supply chain manager before managing worldwide sales. “Her passion, leadership skills and proven ability to work in a global market will certainly be key elements to the continued success of Power Cordz,” DuPont said.

Before working with IO DuPont and Power Cordz, Nelson worked as program manager for the Nampa School District in Nampa, Idaho where she was in charge of profit and loss, staffing, purchasing and vendor relations for all district programs. She earned her Master’s Degree from the University of Idaho in 2004.

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