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Thomson Changes Overseas Distribution

Published March 16, 2010

MACON, GA (BRAIN)—L.H. Thomson, makers of the Thomson Elite line of Stems and Seatposts, Masterpiece Seatposts and Elite Seatpost Collars, have made the following changes to distribution of Thomson products in Europe and to the hand built bike community:

Distribution in France is now be handled by Winora Group:

Rue Edmond Voisenet BP 173
F-21005 Dijon Cedex, France
0800 64 65 66

Winora Group was appointed as German distributor last year and they have quickly earned more territory. Winora now covers Germany, Austria, Poland and France.

Distribution in The Netherlands is now handled by Juncker Bike Parts:

Fokkerstraat 25
3905 KV
Veenedaal, Netherlands

Both Juncker and Winora are part of the Accell Group.

Small frame builders in the U.S. now may work directly with Thomson. Working direct will allow us to communicate better with frame builders and respond to their needs quicker. Several changes to our line have already been made based on this closer collaboration.

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