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QBP Introduces POS Electronic Ordering

Published June 21, 2010

BLOOMINGTON, MN (BRAIN)—QBP is releasing software that lets dealers view and order products from the distributor through their point-of-sale systems (POS). Developed in partnership with QB Services, the interface enables retailers to search the QBP database for products and import them directly into POS systems using QuickBooks. The software is available to order from QB Services, a technology company that specializes in supporting QuickBooks systems.

“We expect this interface to produce tremendous time savings for dealers,” said Erik Smeby, QBP web coordinator. “Instead of manually creating new records for each item they stock and order, the software automatically downloads the name, part number, barcode, price, cost—all the pertinent information—into the POS.”

Updated daily with the latest inventory data from QBP, the system displays price and availability for all products. It also shows how many items the dealer currently has on hand. The interface can also assemble and submit purchase orders to QBP.

“Because it provides open access to the QBP product database, dealers don’t have to warehouse unmanageable amounts of data on their own POS systems. Our servers do all the heavy lifting,” said Smeby. “Dealers get improved efficiency, up-to-the-minute product info, easy ordering and ultimately, a measurable boost to the bottom line.”

“This is what we, as bike shops, have been waiting for, said Samuel Lettes, chief shop mechanic and inventory manager for Hello Bicycle in Seattle. “The interface lets me quickly and comprehensively stock the shop with the products I depend on to keep customers happy and returning.” He credited the software with saving time and said the interface could potentially “revolutionize the way bike shops do business with QBP.”

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