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Edge Composites Changes Name

Published August 25, 2010

OGDEN, UT (BRAIN)—Edge Composites has changed their company and brand name to Enve Composites, with ownership, management and staff remaining the same. Effective September 1, the new name and associated collateral will be introduced at Eurobike.

Trademark issues in Europe have been problematic for the three-year-old company. Founder Jason Schiers said, "When we started the company three years ago, we were focused mainly on gaining a foothold in the domestic market. We were engineers, designers and cyclists, and frankly, we didn't consider checking for trademark registrations outside of the U.S. Obviously our reputation overseas has outgrown this mindset and it has become an issue recently."

Schiers added that they had an opportunity for a license agreement in Europe but opted against it. "We have actually established a great relationship with the current trademark holder in Europe and, regardless of the fact that there will be no license agreement between us, there is a strong likelihood that we will discuss a future collaboration."

Chairman Paul Lehman cited a confluence of factors affecting the decision, primarily the opportunity created by recent developments in engineering. "In the past few months we started construction on a new 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art composite facility and are announcing a major partnership with one of the top aerodynamic specialists in the world that we collectively believe will change the way bicycle wheels are designed. So much great stuff has happened that we really feel like we are a new company and so, what better time to launch a new name to go with it?

"We have made a conscious decision to focus our energy and resources on new product development and we're really comfortable with that, plus we really like the new name. It signifies a start of a new direction and an evolution of our products. We have spent the last year creating some exciting improvements to our product line that you will get to see and ride in the year ahead," Lehman added.

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