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KGS Partners with Passoni for Frames

Published October 1, 2010

SAN ANTONIO, TX (BRAIN)—KGS Bikes, a custom bicycle design studio in San Antonio, Texas, has partnered with legendary Italian framebuilder Passoni to provide frames for custom KGS creations.

Kevin Saunders, president, said, "We have spent 25 years developing a bicycle positioning system that is accurate enough to successfully design one-of-a-kind bicycles for riders. These custom bicycles perform so well and are so comfortable that we now have a global following."

Saunders added, "The framebuilder has a critical role that very few can perform well enough to meet our standards. Passoni meets or exceeds those standards."

Silvia Passoni, president of Passoni SAS, said, "We are excited to find that KGS Bikes has the Passoni Philosophy. This is why we chose them to become our sole dealer in the United States."

While KGS Bikes has six different framebuilders who can provide custom frames serving as the foundation of their custom bicycles, only Parlee and now Passoni occupy the highest premium tier. Saunders said, "We have been working with Bob Parlee for years and his Parlee frames have consistently delivered the kind of perfection that our most discriminating clients demand. We have been looking for another framebuilder who could combine carbon fiber and use titanium to this level of perfection. We finally feel that we have a match with Passoni that is on par with Parlee."

KGS Bikes has focused exclusively on the art of the custom bicycle and has built a reputation for excellence that draws a global clientele. Saunders said, "When people fly in from around the world to commission a custom bicycle, they expect perfection. We are fortunate that we have people like Passoni to help us create bikes that not only are perfect matches to the owner's anatomy, but are true works of art as well."

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